Film production info!

I’m very excited to be part of the production team for Little Cabbage, the new film by Jen West and James Martin of Four X Productions. That’s actually getting started this weekend and includes many of the same crew that worked on Rebecca Pugh’s film Behind Me (master cinematographer Joe Walker and master makeup artist Lindsay Garrett and probably some others whose names escape me at the moment… sorry.)

If Little Cabbage sounds familiar, it should. They had a Seed&Spark fundraiser that I mentioned in July. Good news! They met their goals, and now it’s production time.

In other film news, a short film script that I wrote (which has been expanded by some great ideas by Adam Davila, Lindsay Garrett, Rick Gardner and Shane Gillis) is going into production soon with the Foolish Henry Films crew (the folks who brought you Death to the World.)

We’re working out pre-production details now, so I hope to be able to share more information on this project soon.

In the meantime, be sure to follow the #LittleCabbage and the #cityfederalfilm hashtags on your social media sites to keep up with what’s going on.

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Keep listening

I had a lot of random thoughts running through my head. I debated whether to attempt to write them down or not. Sometimes, once you attempt to put pen to paper, or digital pen to digital paper, it’s easy to lose the thoughts and points you wanted to make. Or at least it is for me.

Most of what I write here is somewhat promotional – not just stuff I’m involved with, but stuff my friends are involved with or things I may find inspiring at the moment. Once in awhile, rarely, I get somewhat personal. And then, for some reason, I feel the need to explain my thought process or reasoning in an introduction, like this one.

Sometimes it seems that negativity takes over. Sometimes the amount of injustice, suffering, and loss is draining. It’s sympathy. It’s empathy. It’s being a human rather than a sociopath, I suppose. And it can be downright depressing.

There are innocent people dying in wars, community protests over police shootings, family members of celebrities avoiding social media because of mean-spirited internet trolls, writers canceling speaking engagements because of death threats, and people still fighting over who’s idea of “god” is correct.

And then there are the struggles of the people you actually know. Your friends, your family, and what they deal with. Then there’s the stuff you deal with.

People cope in their own ways: art, music, writing, exercise, drinking, drugs, film, comedy. (On that last one, this Cracked article is heartbreaking.)

Sometimes it seems hard to find that clichéd silver lining, to see the glimmer of sunlight barely peeking through the clouds. Maybe that’s why I want to promote certain artistic endeavors. I haven’t really thought about it until now. I know that I want my friends to succeed. I want to enjoy beautiful music and film and visual/graphic arts. But maybe the bigger picture is that those things add positivity to the world when it seems overtly negative. Maybe those things – even when borne out of negative instances – add a positive aspect.

I don’t know. Maybe this is just me rambling publicly. I generally have more questions than answers. I just wish that there was more sympathy and empathy in the world. But in the meantime, keep creating. Keep encouraging. Keep supporting. And for your friends, keep listening.

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Randomness, vol. 25

I think the 25th “randomness” post is like a silver anniversary or something, right? No? Whatever.

Anyway, last week I released the newest Glorious 70mm EP on Bandcamp. But both EPs are also available on NoiseTrade. Feel free to share those links with your friends as they can also have some free music.

In other news, Glories, a post-rock band from Birmingham, has a new song out, which is from their upcoming album (which comes out Tuesday, I believe.) They’re also playing this year’s Secret Stages festival that takes place Aug. 1 & 2.


And Four X Productions is working on a new film called “Little Cabbage” and you can help! (You know them from their previous short “Bubble” and for the St. Paul and the Broken Bones video “Call Me.”) Check out their Seed&Spark page to see how you can help with the film production!

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albumcover_250A couple of weeks ago, I announced the new Glorious 70mm EP: INT – THE LYRIC THEATER – NIGHT.

It’s available today on Bandcamp.

The pricing is the same as the previous EP: For personal use, “pay what you want (even if $0).” If you’re a filmmaker and would like to use any of these pieces, please contact me for licensing. I’d love to work with you.


I’ve also set up a Facebook page for Glorious 70mm.

And of course, here’s my FB page, profile, Twitter and Instagram. I hope you enjoy the music. Thanks for listening.

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A #TBT blog post? What?!

Yep. Throwback Thursday, y’all. No, but really, I was thinking about a music project I was in a few years ago with Trey (Hail the Titans‘ drummer) called “The Boss and The Rabbi.” It was a 2-piece, improvisational, instrumental project that included guitar, drums, keyboard and a Korg Kaossilator with both of us playing everything, switching instruments, etc.

This video is from a show we played in Auburn, Ala. on Aug. 14, 2010:


If you dig that kind of stuff, we have three recordings on Bandcamp.

The first recording was a 2-song demo that we titled Her Origins at Midnight.


The next was a completely live recording we did, splitting the performance into separate songs. The EP is titled Six Victims (The Theatre Curtain was the Color of Blood). There is a serial killer story told through the song titles and music.


The last release was just one song, which is a prequel to the Six Victims story line titled Her name was Miranda (He was suspected from the start). This was actually the sound check we did prior to recording Six Victims, but we liked it and decided to release it later on. Also, the cover photo was taken by Pint Bottle Photography (as was the band photo at the top of this post.)


All of the music is set at “name your price,” so you can put in zero and download it for free if you like what you’re hearing.

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Details on the upcoming Glorious 70mm EP

In March of this year, I released the first EP from a new project I’ve been working on titled “Glorious 70mm.” (For a brief history of the project, check out this post from February and this one from March.)

Within the next month or so, I’ll be releasing a new 5-song EP, and in keeping with the theme of the first EP and the film aspect of the project, I’m using a script heading format for the new title, which is: INT – THE LYRIC THEATER – NIGHT.

On the previous EP, the main title and song titles all came from a specific film script (which also happened to inspire the “Glorious 70mm” name.) This EP also gets its name and song titles from a film, a combination of the script and the finished movie, and I’m sure some of you will figure it out without me having to tell you.

While the actual film takes place in California, the album cover shows part of the Lyric Theatre in Birmingham, Ala. The photo was taken by Lindsay Garrett of Birmingfamous and Show Pony Productions (who also, after hearing the first couple of songs, said this particular film was the first thing that came to mind, prompting the subsequent titles.)

Here is the song list:

1. You’re So Cool
2. You Look Ridiculous
3. All It Says Is ‘Dear Clarence’
4. Exiting the Ambassador Hotel
5. A Beach in Cancún

In the meantime, you can hear/download the first EP on Bandcamp.

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So here’s the deal…

It’s been over a month since my last update. Please accept my apologies. There have been so many subjects and issues, it seems, that I could discuss (and some that I have discussed in other forms.)

But let’s be real: an announcement was made yesterday that mewithoutYou is doing a 10th anniversary tour for their “Catch For Us the Foxes” album, and the east coast leg of the tour has The Appleseed Cast opening.

If you know me, or have read my blog before, you have probably surmised that I am an Appleseed Cast fan-boy, and I do love me some mewithoutYou.

Therefore you should know that all of those other issues that I could be discussing right now have been moved to the proverbial back-burner because THE APPLESEED CAST IS PLAYING WITH MEWITHOUTYOU!

This is all the news you need at the moment. You’re welcome. The end.

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A weekend of laughter, music and charity

Looking for something to get into this weekend? Yes? Yes, of course you are. Here are some suggestions:

Tomorrow night (that’s Friday, in case you don’t read this until tomorrow and don’t look at the published date or something… maybe you haven’t had your morning cup of coffee yet, I don’t know. I’m not judging you… OK, I totally am, but for the purpose of this sentence, I’m not.) Wait… where was I?

Oh yeah, tomorrow  night, Lightning Line and Helicity Montgomery present: Bicentenially Curious Comedy Night at the Sanctuary. Jason Fifi is headlining the event. Other comedians include Kurt Keller, Trey Brown, Daniel Kynard (and probably some others, but I’m only going by who’s listed on the event.) If you haven’t been to the Sanctuary, it’s a great venue located at 432 S. Goldthwaite St. in downtown Montgomery.

This week, Jason Fifi went on TV to talk about the event. Hopefully clicking here will take you directly to that video. If it doesn’t, then please know that I tried.

On Sunday, the Powell Brothers (of BPM and Distant Kin) are teaming up to host an open jam session at Head on the Door to help raise funds for the Montgomery Area Food Bank. That starts at 7 p.m., and it’s open to all musicians. More details on the event page. I also encourage you to check out the story in today’s Montgomery Advertiser about the event: “Jam session to benefit Food Bank.”

If you can’t make it to the event Sunday, but still want to help out, you can visit and donate online.

And if you happen to be in the Birmingham area on Sunday, you might want to mosey on down to WorkPlay to catch the Swedish band Truckfighters with Stoned Cobra in the theater. It’s going to be a great night of “stoner rock” for your ears. Seriously, you should go.

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Randomness, vol. 24

First, since this has to do with a radio show that’s airing tonight, I encourage you to read Kenny Johnson’s blog titled “Alabama Substrate Freakout,” and make plans to listen in.

Next, go ahead and get out the calendar (or phone, or what-have-you) and make plans to attend a comedy show on Tuesday, May 6. Location: AlleyBAR in Montgomery. Time: 8 p.m. Cost: None. Zero. Zilch. Free comedy show, hosted by Rudy Banes and featuring Jason Fifi and some out-of-town performers. Details here.

If you haven’t heard the new Sunny Day Real Estate (yes, after 14 years, our ears get a new Sunny Day Real Estate song!), then stop what you’re doing and find it. It’s on YouTube, Spotify and other online retailers, or hit up eBay for people selling the 7″ vinyl split (with Circa Survive) that came out on Record Store Day last month (because it’s now May, folks…)

The song is called “Lipton Witch” and there is good and bad. I’ll start with the good: IT’S A NEW SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE SONG, AND IT’S A GREAT SONG!

Now the bad: It’s a tease. I hear this song, and I now want to hear a full album of this greatness by a band that I miss. But the recording process “fell apart” according to a Pitchfork article. Sadness. But the song is great.

In other news, I’m working on some new Glorious 70mm stuff. (Not pictured: the MicroKorg.) I’ve also been attempting to experiments with some other stuff. We’ll see how it goes… and if I like it. But yeah, new Glorious 70mm in the works.

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Music-related events for this particular week of April 2014, and how many letters can fit in this little title box before it just cuts off words? I am wondering this as I’m typing, but it’s still letting me add words to this area as everything scrolls to the left. This is probably going to look really weird on the page, but it still has not cut off the title of this blog post. Wow. Will it end or will it just take up the entire page with a title? Still going… for real… not even kidding… this is the longest title I’ve ever tried to use on this blog. More words… stuff… things… OK. I give up.

Well, that’s a long title.

If you’re still with me at this point, there are a few things to talk about, but in reality, they may be shorter than the title of this post.


For the folks in the Birmingham area tomorrow (Wednesday), there is a meeting for anyone interested in volunteering to work this year’s Secret Stages festival, which will be held the first weekend of August. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Matthew’s Bar and Grill. More details here. (If you’re interested in volunteering, but can’t make the meeting, send a message through their Facebook page.

This Friday in Montgomery, the Sanctuary will feature the debut show by The Heavy Children (which features Adam Davila of Hail the Titans and Fall of Adam) along with a couple of other friends of mine (Hi, Joe and Eric, if you’re reading this.) They will join a lineup that also features …and the Lawyers and the Owsley Brothers. Details here.

The Sanctuary is at Jubilee Community Center, 432 S. Goldthwaite St. in downtown Montgomery. A great venue, and many thanks to Helicity Montgomery for supporting original art in the Capital City.

Also this weekend, I’ll be joining my friend Mike Slaten for a weekend of craft beer and music. We’re playing acoustic sets – Friday night at the Straight to Ale brewery and Saturday night at the Blue Pants brewery, both located in Huntsville.

*UPDATE* Just found out that BPM is playing at AlleyBAR this Friday night (which will start after the show at the Sanctuary, so you can do both!)

Oh, and also… Deftones:

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