‘Commit to the Song’ debut

Last night felt great. I’m not sure how else to really say it other than that. I think all artists desire for their work to connect with others, and the feedback, crowd response, laughter, and tears from last night’s hometown screening of my new documentary felt great.

Commit to the Song: The Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull made its first public debut at the Capri Theatre in Montgomery last night.


Specially made for the event by Liger’s Bakery.

I want to thank the people that made this screening happen: Sandra Nickel, Don and Glenda Armstrong, George Jacobsen, Will O’Connor, John G. Veres III, Johnny and Beth Veres, Sarah Thornton, Melaine Bennett, Greg Thornton, the Cloverdale Playhouse staff, the Capri Theatre staff, and Liger’s Bakery who helped cater the reception.

Thanks to everyone who came out to watch the film, and I appreciate all the kind words and feedback on it.

I’m still processing parts of it, honestly. There were family members of the film’s namesake in attendance – traveling from other states (FL, GA, NC) to see this film in Montgomery, AL on a Tuesday evening. And to hear what it meant to them was very touching.

My friend Robert “Bubba” Hall, who is one of the stars of the film, said this:

“It will make you laugh, cry and cheer, also teach you about believing in something bigger than yourself and what is possible if you do good things for good reasons.”

I hope other audiences will connect with it and get that same sentiment out of it.

Many thanks to the Alabama News Network for covering the event. Read their article: “Documentary Honoring Legacy of Local Musician Community

Upcoming screenings:

March 3 – Florence, AL – George Lindsey UNA Film Festival. (Screening at 11 a.m.)

March 10 – Dothan, AL – Featured Players Cabaret. (Screening at 8 p.m., followed by musical performance.)


Introducing: Barrens

The rumors are true: I am in a band again, and the band is called Barrens.

Tales by Bob got the exclusive scoop on the new project in an interview conducted with Barrens guitarist Jason Snellgrove. Read it here.

@barrensmusic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


#barrensmusic #tease #concubineapple

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‘A Doll’s House’ promo and ‘Commit to the Song’ trailer

I recently teamed up with C. DeWayne Cunningham (Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions) again for another promo video for the Cloverdale Playhouse, this time for their upcoming production of A Doll’s House that opens this Thursday. #TMFCJSV

And… the trailer for my new documentary Commit to the Song: The Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull is up!

So far, there are three upcoming opportunities to see it:

Tuesday, Feb. 20 – Montgomery, AL (details)
Saturday, March 3 – Florence, AL (George Lindsey UNA Film Festival)
Saturday, March 10 – Dothan, AL (details coming soon…)

#Shooters4Hire: #TMFCJSV (@JoshCarples & @iBeTheSHOOTER) working on a promo for the GoodPeople at @Cloverdaleplayhouse. Henrik Ibsen's "A DOLL'S HOUSE" directed by Caroline Reddick Lawson in collaboration with @norasplayhouse in NYC. . . Nora, a woman who plays at being the perfect wife of a wealthy husband, spends much of the story seemingly shallow, flirty, giggly, and begging her husband for spending money. Her husband treats her like a doll in a box, giving her pet names like “my little bird”, “my little squirrel”, and “Miss Sweet Tooth”. He scolds her and speaks to her as if she were a small child incapable of understanding grownup things. For a time, she seems content with this life. However, Nora’s journey in the play created much turmoil, resistance, and harsh criticism from audiences, men and women alike. The character of Nora Helmer is known as one of the first female heroines of modern drama. . . "Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House" runs February 8-18, 2018 . . #Cloverdale #NorasPlayhouse #Local #MGM #LiveTheatre #Theatre #RiverRegion #Drama #Community #Volunteers #Acting #FilmLife #RodeMic #Canon #SetLife #NoDaysOff #iDGT #TMF #CJSV

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‘Happy Wife’ is up!


Check out this horror short by writer/director Jack Goody.

I acted in it alongside Mallory Ivy, and Tara Merryman handled makeup duties. Enjoy!

Montgomery Film Festival IX intermission


I got to be in a couple of fake ads for the 2018 Montgomery Film Festival that was held last night. See this year’s intermission.

The “FudgeIt” ad is a sequel to last year’s. Both of those are on the Terrible Master Films website and YouTube channel.

Film and tacos… kinda

Just a few quick updates here…

One of my tweets ended up on the Montgomery Advertiser in a story about a candlelight vigil for a Taco Bell that burned down recently.


This weekend also signals the return of the Montgomery Film Festival. Check out more about the festival and the films that will show on their website.

They are also bringing back their famous intermission with fake advertisements. (Here’s a link to the one my friend Royce Williams and I submitted last year. Warning: language NSFW.)

Also, festival director Anton Jackson was busy working on the new “Capital Carnage” spot this weekend:


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And in other film festival news, my new documentary Commit to the Song: The Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull will screen at this year’s George Lindsey UNA Film Festival in Florence, AL.

More news coming soon. Thanks for reading!

Farewell, Seville

16123149_439246523073163_3870630364015755264_nI had been talking to some filmmaker friends of mine about doing some live session videos, and last year – January 2016 – we started production.

Prior to production, though, I had been thinking a lot about location. What had a nice and interesting aesthetic? What positively showcased themes of “local” and “art” and “color”? And then it hit me – Seville Beauty & Barber Shop in the Old Cloverdale area of Montgomery.

So I contacted my friend Jen Powell at Seville. I told her the idea of a live performance filmed with multiple camera angles, and she responded with enthusiastic support.

And on May 23, 2016, the “Live at Seville” EP was released.

Yesterday, Seville announced on Facebook that they would be closing as of March 1, 2018.

The comments and shares underscore what this place meant to the Montgomery community. It will be missed.

And while I know that the talents of the staff will lead them to more opportunities and new beginnings, I am thankful that Jen (and Malerie Bussell) allowed us (with the help of filmmakers C. DeWayne Cunningham and Sylvester K. Folks) to capture part of the essence and aesthetic of Seville on camera, even with five sad songs.

Thank you.

See the entire playlist on YouTube.

‘Commit to the Song’ original score by Glorious 70mm


Some new film score music for 2018!

Back in September, I mentioned the completion of my first feature documentary Commit to the Song: The Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull.

There are a couple of very emotional moments in the film, and I wrote and recorded a couple of pieces of music for them under my film score project: Glorious 70mm.

Two of the three tracks are heard in the film, and the third track is an alternate version of the first. It has another layer of music on it, which I like, but I didn’t think it worked as well in the actual film.

Like all of the Glorious 70mm releases, I have this one set as “name your price,” even if zero. Yes, that means you can type in “$0.00” and download the music. However, if you’d like to help cover some film festival submission fees by throwing in a couple of bucks, I’d be grateful.

Track listing:

  1. The Middle of Fairview
  2. Hallucinogenic Drugs
  3. The Middle of Fairview, Part 2

Download it here.

For updates on the film, be sure to like the Commit to the Song Facebook page.

Much love to you in the new year!


Taken Christmas Day, somewhere in Tennessee on I-65 south.

There is something I have thought about many times, especially over the past three years, but I don’t remember taking time to write it out. That requires more careful concentration and consideration, and it is not necessarily something I’ve felt a need to share previously, at least not publicly.

I have noticed a habit in which my mind seems to focus more time on friends I’ve lost instead of the wonderful friends still in my life. Maybe that’s a side effect (or cause, or trigger, or merely a correlation) of depression, but I can’t be certain.

This dwelling could be viewed in the positive light of self-reflection, especially if there are lessons to be gained. However, that dwelling can easily slip into negative ruminating, and far too often I think that’s where I end up, in a cliché-sounding but all-too-real “downward spiral.”

One of the positive lessons of the past three years has been the ability to recognize that feeling as something “else” rather than “just how I am.” That has not always been the case.

As we look at the upcoming date change on the calendar as a hopeful symbol of new beginnings, I hope to be able to shift my thinking.

The people who have been there for me in some of the toughest times of my life deserve that space in my mind. It’s not to forget the lessons of the past, but rather to cherish the present and the people who enrich my life by being trustworthy, kind, and loyal, even when I don’t feel deserving of any of it.

And to those people, thank you.

May your 2018 be filled with love and success. Thanks for reading. Happy new year!


‘Happy Wife’ / White Christmas


No, I didn’t run off to Vegas and get married for Christmas. “Happy Wife” is the title of a new short film by writer/director Jack Goody. It’s the short film I mentioned a few days ago that we filmed the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Anyway, the trailer has been posted to social media if you’d like to see it:

Also on Instagram.

And on Christmas Eve, Blue Yonder released their live video for “White Christmas.” A Terrible Master Films production directed by me. Royce Williams helped out with cameras and lighting, and Robert Shimp of Technical Earth Recorders handled audio.

I think that’s all for now. So, best wishes to you in the new year!

Christmas 2017. #findthebeautyintheworld

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