Music I think you should hear, vol. 18

I’ve mentioned this band before, actually in vol. 17 of these “Music I think you should hear” posts, but since that time, the band has changed names. Snoot, formerly R. Garcia Band, is still putting out catchy and interesting music, and their new album Dank Memes showcases the great songwriting and musicianship talent that this husband-and-wife duo possess.

Check out the album on their Bandcamp page.


On other news, I have a new satirical article up at the Capital City Free Press titled, “The War on Christmas 2015: Breakfast Blend.” Be sure to check that out.

Other than that, I’ve been working on various film-related projects. With Strings is still filming; I recently helped out with audio on a shoot for an upcoming short drama titled Just a Dash; and there are a few other projects in pre-production right now. I’ll post more on those as they develop.

On set with @ibetheshooter @elyjrtheatre @cedric_hatcher @whatsnext_t and more. #setlife #setselfie #selfie

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Colors of fall. #canon #fall #leaves #season

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If you didn’t get enough of me running awkwardly…

If you thought I was running awkwardly in the films Death to the World and City Federal (which, let’s be honest, you probably did), then I must announce that I have officially topped that level of awkwardness by setting the bar even higher.

In the short comedy Cooler Than Lemonade, by Kilonji A. Gilchrist, I play “Mr. Sweaty Face,” a guy jogging/skipping/something-yet-unknown-by-name in the park. Something like that.

Anyway, check out the film on Vimeo.

‘No One (Reprise)’ single out TODAY!

Cover_250NoOneToday is the day! The new version of “No One” is in digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.) available for streaming and purchase.

For some background, see the blog post from last week.



Also, the music video for the song, by Terrible Master Films (give that page a ‘like’ on Facebook when you get a moment), is up, starring my friend Miranda Hood.

I hope you like the song and the video! Thank you so much for your continued love and support!

New single coming soon: ‘No One (Reprise)’

Lately it seems I’ve been doing more photography and film-related work than music, but I am still working on music, writing and arranging songs for another solo album.

But in the meantime, I have recorded a new version of an older song that will soon be released as a single.

The song “No One” appears on my first solo album, 2008’s Note from the Georgian Hotel. It’s one of the more upbeat/faster songs on that album (“upbeat” as in speed, not lyrical content… it’s a sad song like the others), but the new version – “No One (Reprise)” – will be completely different. (Hear the original version on YouTube.)

I actually worked on the new version back in 2013 and first performed it live that November at the monthly guitar pull event at the Cloverdale Playhouse.

The new song is currently in the process of being delivered to digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and will be available very soon. (I’ll post again here and on social media when it’s out, so I’d love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or you can get email updates on this blog by clicking that “follow” button.)

Also, a music video will be released for the song as well through Terrible Master Films (Facebook, Twitter.)

The cover art for the single features my friend Miranda Hood, who will also be in the upcoming music video. Many thanks to her for helping out with this project.

More info coming soon. Thank you all for your continued support. Much love.

Five years…

I just saw that was wishing me a happy anniversary with them. Apparently, I started this blog in September 2010, and it got me thinking about so many things that have happened in the last five years…

That was the year that I released my second solo album The Final Scene. Since then, I’ve had so many experiences – both good and bad – that have made me who I am today. I’ve learned a lot, experienced great friendships, met and worked with great people, loved, lost, traveled, written, recorded, acted, produced, directed, and many other things.

By all accounts, I’m a lucky individual, and I have a lot of great people in my life for whom I am very thankful.

Tequila Nylon + Glorious 70mm

TNalbumcover250Last year my friend Alex, a Nashville-based music producer, sent a couple of tracks to me so that we could collaborate on some music. It took me a while to get around to recording, but while I was set up working on the score for the short film City Federal (trailer, score) I had some extra time to layer some sounds over what he sent me.

The result is this two-track EP titled “Transmissions,” a collaboration between Alex, a.k.a. Tequila Nylon, and myself under my film score moniker Glorious 70mm.


Like previous Glorious 70mm albums, you can name your price, even if $0.00. Or if you’re interested in using any of the music in a film (or want a custom score), let me know.

Be sure to check out and like him on Facebook.

And like Glorious 70mm on Facebook while you’re at it.

Birmingham Artwalk this weekend… and some vague stuff just for you!

This weekend is the 2015 Birmingham Artwalk, and I am honored to be one of this year’s musical performers. I’ll be under the Viaduct at 6pm this Friday.

Check out the fantastic list of performers and artists on their website.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event for more information and updates: click here.

I recently was part of a table read for a new film project that’s getting started this coming weekend. It’s a drama that has a great cast and crew, most of which I’ve had the privilege of working with on previous projects.

Last night's table read went well. #acting #indie #film

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There is another project in the works that I’ll be providing more information on soon…

Port St Joe, FL… with a @hailthetitans tote bag. #film #filmmaker #filmmaking #florida #music #video

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Related to that last photo, I made some new friends at the beach recently, and I got to try some rum that I’m told is Fidel Castro’s favorite. I’m not going to venture into politics, but if that’s true, he’s got good taste when it comes to rum.

From Fidel's personal rum factory… #realtalk. @mirandajhoody knows what I'm talking about. #smuggling.

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Also, while in the Port St. Joe, FL area, I had a lot of fun at this place. Good food and drink, good company, and good times.

Love this place.

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And then there’s this photo I took at sunrise recently:

#findthebeautyintheworld #nofilter #sunrise #florida

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Film-y type stuff

With the 17th annual Sidewalk Film Festival coming up this weekend in Birmingham, take some time to watch last year’s Audience Award Winner – It Is What It Is, from director Mike Cunliffe. It’s now on Amazon Instant Video.

Cunliffe also acted in the film Death to the World, which is also on Amazon.

If you’re attending Sidewalk this year, be sure to check out some films made by some friends of mine. Look for screenings of Little Cabbage, Dead Saturday, and For a Few Zombies More.

There will be more news coming soon about a couple of other film-related projects, but in the meantime, my friend Somica Spratley is working on her film Without Obsession, and she has a fundraiser going on IndieGoGo. Click here to check that out.

And the crew from Foolish Henry Films (Death to the World, City Federal) have started pre-production on a new project. More soon…