“Cold Case” music video

As you can tell, I did not get the video up last night. Well, not here at least. Since Heidi Miller and Hillary Andrews helped me so much, I wanted to give them a first look. Now that I’ve gotten word that they approve, here it is. I hope you enjoy it as well.


The DVD I burned with the music video files on it may be corrupt or something. I can’t get it to play nice with other programs at the moment. Maybe I’ll have it online by tonight. Maybe not. I’ll try.

I’m not trying to build hype for it. Promise. I don’t want people to think of the “ketchup” joke in Pulp Fiction by the time this thing sees the light of day or anything. I’ve never done a music video before, so it’s a mixture of just being excited about it and also wanting to finish it so that sense of accomplishment can linger for a few seconds before I start on something else.

In other news, joshcarples.com now leads right here. This is my new home page. It’s official, according to the domain. And to get to the page with the music, it’s now found at http://music.joshcarples.com.

Also, the Montgomery Advertiser ran a story on the upcoming release of “The Final Scene.”

A music video?

I admit I’m a bit tired today, but that’s because I stayed up late trying to finish editing a music video for the song “Cold Case,” which is on my upcoming album. I still haven’t figured out why creativity tends to hit late…

Anyway, I hope to have the video online later today. In the meantime, I would like to thank Hillary Andrews of Pint Bottle Photography and Heidi Miller, who was kind enough to brave the mid afternoon heat during an Alabama summer to star in the video.

We did the shooting in downtown Montgomery and the performance footage is from the third floor of an old, historic building that is not in use (and has not been in use for some time now). There were makeshift stairs, pigeons flying around and light coming through the cracks in the floor, but it made for an interesting background.

Here is a still that Hil took during the shoot:
Music video shoot

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The FilmNerds Blog talks Tarantino

I am a big fan of just about everything Quentin Tarantino has written, directed, produced, etc.

The FilmNerds Blog today talks about Sally Menke, a film editor who regularly worked with Tarantino on his films. Sadly, she was found dead this morning.

The writer talks about her brilliant work in great detail. Read it here. The only detail I would add to the blog is that the character in Pulp Fiction is “Marsellus,” with an “s,” not “Marcellus.”

That is actually where we got the name for the band I was in, so we wanted to spell it the way it was in the script.