A U.S. Idlewild release date? Finally.

The Scottish band Idlewild has been one of my favorite bands for quite awhile now.

When they toured the U.S. for “Warnings/Promises” in 2005, their New Orleans show ended up being a Birmingham, Ala. show due to a combination of Hurricane Katrina and failed levees putting New Orleans under water.

The show was at the High Note/Rockin’ Horse – not exactly the venue you would expect to see a band that regularly sells out large concert halls in Europe and was voted “second best Scottish band” awhile back. I don’t remember how that was worded – “second best Scottish band ever?”… “second best band from Scotland?”… something like that.

Anyway, it was a relatively small crowd. I would estimate less than 75 people. Many people here don’t seem to know who they are, even thought they formed in December 1995 and have released seven albums now. To paraphrase something Roddy Woomble posted some time after that Birmingham show, it seems people here prefer bands like Staind.

The show was great, though, and I got the chance to meet them after the show. It’s great meeting bands whose music has influenced you, and even better knowing that they are nice, humble and down-to-earth.

Well, their newest album, “Post Electric Blues,” was released October of last year, but has really had no U.S. distribution unless you take into account $30 import CD’s or illegal downloads.

The good news is that next Tuesday, October 12, the new album will finally be released in the U.S. And it’s good. It’s definitely different from their previous stuff, but its strong blues influence makes it live up to its name.

Idlewild "Post Electric Blues"

Idlewild "Post Electric Blues"


In other non-Idlewild-related news, tomorrow night, I’m playing solo at Head on the Door in Montgomery, Ala. for the release of my new album “The Final Scene.” Show starts at 10 pm. 21 and up. No cover.


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