Randomness 1.0

It seems that more and more people are beginning to look at yesterday’s holiday in more historical terms, leaving behind the glamorized version of childhood. Yes, Columbus Day (or “American Indian Heritage Day” on some calendars) now has many people wondering why a European guy who gets lost, thinks he’s on a different land and misnames the people living there gets a holiday. (Insert “man gets lost and doesn’t ask for directions” joke as told by a female somewhere in there.)

Years ago, Sinbad (the comedian, not the pirate) spoke about Columbus Day saying, “It’s like me breaking into your car and saying I discovered your stereo.” (Family Guy fans should get the Sinbad reference.)

In more local news, the Montgomery Brewing Company, commonly called “The Brew Pub,” has closed, at least for now.

Today is the official U.S. release date of Idlewild’s “Post Electric Blues” album that Europe has been enjoying for at least a year.

Oh, and next Tuesday, the movie Predators comes out on DVD. I haven’t seen it yet. I should probably go to the movies more often. I’ve been missing all the good stuff recently, like Inception and Machete.

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