Nuclear hillbillies eat your guts

This Sunday, I am scheduled to help out with filming the teaser for a zombie movie called “Gutmunchers.” Check out their WordPress blog. The tag line is “Nuclear Hillbillies Eat Your Guts,” and on the blog you’ll see a picture of Clay Smith (from the band Flip the Switch) as a redneck zombie.

The movie is the brainchild of Jason Snellgrove (also of Flip the Switch, 12th Hour and Breaking Aim and the Rhythm.)

I am listed in the crew as “sound manager” and in the cast as the character “Vince.”

I’m hoping The Boss and The Rabbi will be able to contribute to the film score. We’ll see.

In other news…

I got in the Mogwai “Special Moves” 2xLP w/ “Burning” DVD yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to listen to (or watch) it yet, although I did use the download card that came with it so maybe I’ll have a chance to hear it today. They are nice enough to let you download the .wav files for the album, as well as six bonus tracks, which I think are on the third LP of the coveted rare special edition.

I’m currently streaming a Deerhunter concert on NPR. They host so many great concerts. Check out their archives. Really. Good stuff.


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