Randomness 3.0

Quote of the day: “I have never met anyone that makes me want to cuss as much as he does and I was married for 10 years.”

[disclaimer]: That quote has nothing to do with me, but a friend said it, and I found it funny.

Insomnia sucks.

Wait. Let me clarify. The movie “Insomnia” is really good, as you would expect it to be since Christopher Nolan directed it. The insomnia you would read about on WebMD sucks. So does writer’s block. Have music, need words.

In political news, here is a story titled “Alabama legislator threatens reporter with golf club during ABC News investigation.” Aren’t you proud? There is video, too.

And in a strange story, a man calls 911 for help, says he’s been shot, then hangs up quickly after telling the dispatcher that his attackers spotted him. He’s still missing. According to the story, authorities traced the cell phone signal and were on the scene within a half hour, but there was no blood or evidence of a shooting. Very strange stuff. I hope he’s OK.


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