Do I really want to tell this?

Last night after band practice, I decide to stick around and do some recording. It’s late. I’m the only one out there, and surely not expecting anyone else to arrive.

I was actually recording some new ideas for background music on Gut Munchers. It’s getting late. I probably have seven or eight separate tracks recorded at this point… on one song, anyway. I stop recording and hear banging and scratching on the door, which is locked – no voices, though.

It really sounds like someone is trying to break in while I’m in there. And I was playing guitar, so it was loud enough to know that someone was in there.

I’m thinking my bandmates came back by or something, saw my care, and figure they’d mess with me or something, so I text them asking “Are you here?” to which they respond “where?”

At this point, someone is still making noise outside, shaking the door, scratching on the door, etc. I admit, at close to 1 a.m. I was kinda freaked out, so I send out the S.O.S. to my bandmates, who proceed to get in the car and drive 80 mph to get there.

Soon after that, I get a text from a friend – we’ll call her Holly – asking what I’m up to. So now it’s starting to click. Holly is outside, saw my car, and is making noise to mess with me, and I’ve already called in the cavalry, who pulled up probably within five minutes of that first text.

Oh, if she had only yelled “Hello!” or “Josh!” or something. Sigh.

So there’s the story. Laugh. Enjoy. Lesson: my bandmates/friends are awesome.


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