Shows this week (starting tonight!)

Tonight, I’m opening for Old Canes at the Caledonia in Athens, Ga. 10 p.m. Old Canes features members of The Appleseed Cast! And look at the Caledonia’s website. It’s official:

(Click for larger image)

Friday, Montgomery has two good shows going on:

At Head on the Door: No, Supreme Dispassion, The Rudy Banes Breakup.

At Strange Days: Breaking Aim and the Rhythm, BPM.

Old Canes is at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta.

Saturday at Santa Barbara in Montgomery:

“Die, Die My Darling: The Deadutantes’ Halloween Party” featuring Marsellus, Flip the Switch, Moses and Creep List. Check the Facebook invite for details.

And Sunday at Strange Days:

“Party Monster’s Ball: No Loitering’s Horror Fest.” Here is the Facebook invite for that.

And here is a story on BuzzMontgomery about it.

Look at the lineup!

OK. Mark your calendars. I’m getting ready to hit the road. Follow me on Twitter for updates: @joshcarples


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