Good stuff

The weekend was busy, but fun.

I already posted about the shows Thursday and Friday… Saturday’s show at Santa Barbara was pretty rocking. Lots of great costumes and great music.

Last night’s show at Strange Days was awesome. The Boss and The Rabbi did not play it… well, at least not as “The Boss and The Rabbi.” Trey Baldwin and I are part of a new band that also features Adam Davila and Wes Andrews. We decided to debut last night, and the crowd response was great. People seemed to genuinely enjoy what we were playing.

Along with great sets by Last Transgression, the Black Racers and 12th Hour, it was also the debut of the Gut Munchers teaser. I play “Vince” and also wrote and recorded some of the music for the score. It’s now on YouTube:

So after a great weekend, today I tried SaZa in downtown Montgomery for the first time. My friend Alicia works there (if you go there, ask for her section and tip her well). She recommended this dish… I think it rang up as “vegetable stromboli” but may have been a calzone, technically. I’m not a food expert, so I don’t know the terminology. Call it what you want, but it’s the kind of dish that’s so good, you don’t care if you have spinach in your teeth the rest of the day. For real. That good.

Ps – Don’t forget to vote tomorrow.

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