New photos… and stuff

Yesterday, Hillary of Pint Bottle Photography posted some pics that were taken during the CD release show for “The Final Scene.” Here they are:

CD Release 1

CD Release 2

This next one was taken during the beginning of the song “No One.” Apparently, a plan was made by my friends so that I would have Vegas-style dancers at the beginning of this one.

CD Release 3

And in non-dancing news… if you haven’t already done so, please login to Facebook, then visit this link to “The Final Scene.” Under the album art is a Facebook “like” button. Please click it. That will let your friends know that you like the album. It’s quick and easy, and I would greatly appreciate it!

Also, last night, I worked on the Old Canes video I shot in Athens, Ga. last Thursday. It should be ready for upload. I’ll try to get that online later so you can see the live show awesomeness.


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