Randomness 4.0

If you missed the any of the awesome Halloween shows, you can at least experience them through photos. Hillary of Pint Bottle Photography posted some very cool shots in a gallery called “Halloweenie” on Facebook. (That hyperlink goes directly to the album. You may have to be logged in.)

Here is a shot of Marsellus with the standard Dillon-has-his-back-to-the-crowd pose:

And here are some shots of taken during a performance by the new band that features Wes Andrews, Trey Baldwin, Adam Davila and myself:

And, in case you missed it, Mogwai is getting ready to tour again! Their new album, “Hardcore will never die, but you will” is being released early next year, and they should be touring North America in May!

And be sure to check out music.joshcarples.com and click the Facebook “Like” button under each individual album. That helps get the word out about the music, and I really appeciate the help! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Randomness 4.0

  1. I just heard Nina talking about this today. I enjoy reading Cap City and look forward to maybe meeting you on the 19th in Birmingham.

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