Jónsi live + other stuff

On Nov. 29, Jónsi, the singer from Sigur Ros, is releasing a live CD+DVD called “Go Live.” If you haven’t heard the “Go” album, it’s really good (especially on vinyl).

Back in September, NPR ran a story about the live show: “Jónsi’s High-Tech Concerts: More Live Film Than Stadium Spectacle.

He has put the track listing on his webiste, along with the following video:

Another band that recently put out a live album and DVD is Mogwai. “Special Moves” is the album; “Burning” is the DVD. Good stuff. Really.

In other news, Conan O’Brien is returning to TV tonight on his new TBS show “Conan.”

And tomorrow night, Keith Olbermann is returning to “Countdown”  on MSNBC.

And if you missed “The Office” opening of the Simpson’s newest “Treehouse of Horrors” or the Halloween episodes of “The Cleveland Show,” “Family Guy” or “American Dad,” find them online or catch the reruns when they air. Funny stuff.

And I caught very little of the first episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” but the second episode last night was very good. Some people seem disappointed in the series – I guess it doesn’t follow the comic book frame-by-frame or has made some storyline changes – but last night’s episode was good. I also have not read the comic, so I can’t compare them. Anyway, I’m digging it.


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