What do you call 4 guys who can’t come up with a band name?

If there was a word for it, we might have a band name. [laugh]

As soon as we get one, I’ll be sure to include links and such. The band includes Trey Baldwin (Easy Kiddo, The Boss and The Rabbi), Wes Andrews (XenovoX, Tater Brown vs. Mahogany Johnson), Adam Davila (This Frequency Is, Code Anticode) and myself. (You like that I put “myself” in bold.) Our songs, so far, tend to be in the eight minute range.

Also, I have the following music items for sale locally:

Fender Tele (Mexican)
Fender 4×12 cab
Vox Sovereign 4×12 cab (mid 60’s era)
Sunn Beta Lead 2×12 combo (pre-Fender era; 2 channels and a blend channel; solid state)
Little Laneili reverb pedal (actual spring tank in the pedal)

If you are in or will be in central Alabama, and want to purchase any of this, let me know. Thanks.


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