Customer service

There are so many instances these days where it seems customer service is severely lacking. Restaurants, bank call centers, cable companies – it seems to be bad on a massive scale. So… since many of us generally are very vocal when we experience bad customer service, I think it’s only fair to recognize good, over-the-top customer service those few times we experience it these days.

The team at Saddle Creek Records has great customer service.

You may remember this photo from a few days ago with “#PostOfficeFail” under it:


A damaged package from the post office is not that uncommon. We know this. And we know it’s the post office’s fault, and that accidents do happen. When I got this package in (it’s the Old Canes “Feral Harmonic” album on vinyl, which is really good), I emailed Saddle Creek with a link to that photo, just asking if there was anything they could do.

I wasn’t sure what response to expect. It could have been, “Sorry, the post office sucks,” or, “You may want to file a claim with them.” It could have simply been, “Sucks, man.” It could have been anything. After all, it wasn’t the label’s fault.

However, the representative, Nate, asked me if the record itself was damaged or if it was just the packaging. I listened to the record as soon as I got home, and it played fine, so I told him that only the packaging was damaged. Without any delay, he got replacement packaging put in the mail, which arrived less than a week later.

So, I highly recommend ordering music from Saddle Creek. They carry great music from a great roster of bands, have excellent customer service and are quick to reply to emails. You can’t really ask for any more than that.


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