A few things…

Stream of consciousness: Go!

1. Tonight’s rock show is at the High Note in Birmingham, Ala. You should be there. Here is the Facebook invite and the flier:

2. Last night’s show was a lot of fun.

3. The Bandar-Log rocked. They are from Auburn, Ala. If you have not heard them or seen them, you should change that as soon as possible.

4. Mogwai has a new album coming out early next year. It’s called “Hardcore will never die, but you will.” You can see the album art and download a song called “Rano Pano” at this Pitchfork link. Click here. Here is the album cover:

5. Tomorrow, Easy Kiddo will be playing at the Independent in Auburn, Ala. with New Terminus and the Alabama King Snakes. You should be in attendance. In fact, here is the Facebook event listing for that, so go ahead and click “attending.”

6. I’m listening to the new Mogwai song as I’m typing this and it’s really, really good. What do they say these days? For realz? ZOMG? Something like that, but you should give it a listen because it’s that good. I’m going to go ahead and start the song again. Good stuff.

7. Hail the Titans is playing a show next Friday! Yes, it’s the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, that means “Black Friday.” Yes, there is something called the “Iron Bowl” going on earlier that day. But hey… so what? Hail the Titans is playing that night. Here is the Facebook event thingy.

7 (B)?… Originally, Unsect was playing, and I was going to do an acoustic set to open their show, but they are unable to play… so you get to see Hail the Titans. Tell your friends. And your sister. Bring the whole family. They’re going to be in town anyway trying finish off turkey sandwiches. Bring some turkey sandwiches with you, in fact. It’s cool. Share.

8. My favorite BBQ place is no more. These are sad times. I’ll miss 5 Brothers.

9. The store that is located between my now-closed favorite BBQ place and Head on the Door is called “Organic Hippie.” If you want a copy of my new solo album “The Final Scene,” that is the place to go. So, go buy that and lots of other cool stuff from the store. They have shirts, vinyl, glassware, incense, etc. Cool place.

10. I’m listening to that new Mogwai song again.


11. Check out this interview with Jason Snellgrove on AL.com. Here is the link. If you don’t already know, he is in Breaking Aim and the Rhythm, 12th Hour, Flip the Switch, and he wrote and directed Gut Munchers.


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