I got the part!

I got an email this morning saying I got the part in that film I auditioned for yesterday! Big thanks to Tom Stedham for posting about the audition.

We’re scheduled to shoot the first weekend of December as far as I know. Based on the script, I would put the film in the thriller/horror category – not in a supernatural or “the undead” kind of horror, but the more real-life somebody’s-going-to-die-and-you-should-be-scared horror.

Also, last night’s show at the Independent included me performing with a sore throat and congestion. But hey, it’s not the first time I’ve played a show while being sick. I’m just not one to cancel a show if I can help it. I’ve played with sinus infections and even food poisoning. It happens.

Luckily, James Fukai (from Trust Company) was there to offer me advice such as “Drink beer – that’ll help.”

The bands that played with us were very good as well. The Alabama King Snakes are always good. The Boss and The Rabbi got to play with them last time we were at the Independent. Instrumental metal stuff. You should check it out. They always play films on the screen behind them when they play the Independent. Last night, one of the films was how hot dogs are made. I’m not a fan of hot dogs anyway, and seeing them being made kind of solidified my distaste for them.

New Terminus is a band from Atlanta that was really good. Great tone, too, as one guitarist had an Orange Rockerverb (30, I believe) and the other had a Vox AC-30 Top Boost. And they both played telecasters. They did a cover of “How it feels to be something on” by Sunny Day Real Estate and pulled it off very nicely.

Also, our friend Matt from The Bandar-Log that we played with Thursday came out to the show. The others guys wanted to be there, but had to work. If you haven’t check them out yet, then you need to change that immediately. They are a really good band.

And now to some hot green tea with honey and lemon…

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