Last night, Joe (This Frequency Is) mixed down the Hail the Titans demo stuff, adding some EQ to things… all that fun stuff. The kick drum and bass are a little loud, at least when listening with it cranked in the car, but that’s actually my fault. Joe told me that it sounded loud, but then I’m like, “This sounds great!”… but yeah, it’s a little loud. Joe was right. It doesn’t seem to affect much on computer speakers since those aren’t known for having great bass response anyway.

Quick note: The reason I used the word “demo” above is because the recording was done completely live – no retakes, no studio tricks, no putting the song together piece by piece. It’s got more of the feel of a live show. You might hear some imperfections here and there, but I am really happy with how it turned out.

Also, it was nice to be able to hear all the things that Adam, Trey and Wes were playing individually. Seriously, those guys are awesome musicians, and I’m proud to be able to call them bandmates and friends.

I’ll try to get some stuff posted later today. Be sure to “Like” Hail the Titans on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you’ll know when the songs are available to hear.

In movie-related news, I got a chance to read over, ask some questions and make some edits/additions to a short film script written by Jason Snellgrove and Benjamin Ross Lyerly.

It’s good stuff. That’s all I will say about it right now. You’ll have to wait for Snellgrove to put out more info on it. The plan is for them to film it next month.


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