Turkey Day weekend recap

The holidays can make it a little more difficult to update this thing, so it’s been a few days.

I didn’t have the family-style Thanksgiving on Thursday, so I had lunch with my mother then Hail the Titans got together for one last practice before the show.

Friday, my mom and I took a trip to northwest Alabama – to Haleyville, “where 9-1-1 began” according to their sign. We had lunch with the family then drove back for the Hail the Titans show.

I had some family members all excited about the Iron Bowl when leaving Haleyville, but apparently things changed after halftime. I’m not into sports, so I was just excited about the upcoming show anyway.

And to last night’s show… A big thanks to everyone who came out last night. Seriously. We had amazing crowd response. People seemed genuinely into what we were doing and didn’t seem to mind that it was all instrumental. We had a blast!

Also, I’ve got to let you know – my friend Lucy made what may be the best pie I have ever tasted. Seriously. She somehow managed to combine pumpkin pie, cheesecake and chocolate together in such an awesome way that life as we know it may never be the same.

…sure wish I had some more of that pie right now…


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