Free music…

If you haven’t heard of Deep Elm Records, you have been missing out. They began 15 years ago carrying mostly emo and indie bands. Now, keep in mind that 15 years ago, the word “emo” meant something completely different than it does now.

Sunny Day Real Estate was considered “emo” when they came out. Back then, it wasn’t about wearing your girlfriend’s jeans or eyeliner (guyliner?), it was just about the emotion in the music.

Deep Elm was the home of bands such as The Appleseed Cast (one of my personal favorites, if you didn’t know by now), along with Brandtson, Camber, Cross My Heart, Seven Storey Mountain, etc.

So, the label just released a brand new sampler, which you can d0wnload for FREE. It’s called “The World Won’t Spin Forever” and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Deep Elm, at least recently, has been releasing some very good music from instrumental bands. Some call it “post rock” I suppose. It’s stuff in the vein of Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, etc. Some of that is on the sampler. Some of their newer artists that have recently impressed me include Moonlit Sailor, Goonies Never Say Die and Carly Comando.

Check it out and support independent music!


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