I suppose these are ramblings

Sometimes it seems there just is not much to write about. In those cases, maybe you’ll find it in your heart to follow me on Twitter (@joshcarples). I write here when what I want to say what doesn’t fit in 140 characters, and whatever amount Facebook allows.

There is a lot going on in the news, of course – from what looks to be a re-ignition of the Korean War to the founder of WikiLeaks being wanted by Interpol. For those of you who think that is only a band (and a very good band, at that), well… it’s also an international police organization.

Speaking of the newest Korean conflict, there was a guy on the news the other day… I wish I could be more specific, but I don’t remember his name… and he said that the Korean War never officially ended. He said it was a ceasefire (Wikipedia uses “armistice”) that is still in effect. Thought that was an interesting reminder.

Of course, with today being December 1, that means we are getting geared up for a big event – the annual “War on Christmas” crap. Sigh.

Oh, also, if you didn’t know or missed it when I mentioned it before, there is a store in Montgomery called “Organic Hippie.” They are in the Vaughn Plaza shopping center beside Head on the Door. They carry lots of things, including my new album “The Final Scene.” Speaking of winter holidays where gifts are given, that CD probably would make a nice gift. Just saying.

Happy December!

[UPDATE] Seems I was right about the beginning of the “War on Christmas” time-waster.

Here’s your headline and link from the Tulsa World website: [U.S. Sen. Jim] Inhofe refuses to participate in ‘holiday’ parade.

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