Day 1 of filming is complete

So today was the first day of filming “Visulant.” I play the character “Harvey.” It was just me and the director, Raqchel. There was a lot of driving. One very cool aspect of the filming was that she has a car mount for a video camera. Check it out:

I’m not sure why that grey line is appearing on the pic. It’s from my cell phone, which is not exactly top of the line. If you follow me on Twitter, you would have already seen the photo… hintedy hint hint. (@joshcarples)

Tomorrow is scheduled to be an all-day filming. Speaking of… I am going to set my alarm so I don’t sleep in…

OK. Alarm is now set. What’s up with this waking up early on a Saturday morning stuff?

Anyway, I got some behind-the-scenes video today and plan to get more tomorrow. I’m hoping to put together a short film (featurette?) like I did when filming Gut Munchers.

More updates coming tomorrow…

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