Filming status: Complete

This morning, we filmed the last scene for the movie. It was cold. Very cold.

We filmed at a rest area that was closed. I mean, you could drive in there, but the bathroom doors were locked. Adam Davila (Hail the Titans, This Frequency Is) played the part of “Man 1,” or “Douchebag in Blue Shirt” or “Asshole at Rest Area,” whichever one they will use. He did a good job, and it was really funny.

Some car pulled up during the last bit of filming. A guy just sat there drinking some coffee and watching us. It’s a bit weird feeling like you’re being watched (stalked?) by a stranger while filming a movie about a creepy serial killer… at a closed rest area no less.

I have no idea who the guy was. We all left at the same time, and when I looked in the rear view mirror, he was waving.

I forgot to bring my behind-the-scenes camera this morning, though. Unfortunately. Also, in the absence of stage blood, we used ketchup. It worked. It also made us want French fries.


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