A new review of “The Final Scene”

Orlando, Fla. resident and professional BMX rider Tom Haugen has many career highlights. He has won many medals from his participation in the X-Games, International X-Games, Gravity Games, ESPN X-Trials, Vans Triple Crown, Dew Tour, etc.

He also loves music and writes reviews on his blog at Go211.com.

Tom took the time to write a review of my latest solo album “The Final Scene.” Click here to read the entire review.

Here are some excerpts from the review:

“Carples succeeds in birthing memorable folk/pop acoustic songs with eloquent and sometimes introspective wordplay, finding that elusive spark that songwriting greats like Chuck Ragan or Kevin Devine have turned into a highly refined art form, the ability to captivate and inspire with just a single song.

“…Carples is clearly in a league with today’s most noted singer songwriters…”

If you’re looking for a copy of “The Final Scene,” physical copies can be found in Montgomery, Ala. at Organic Hippie in the Vaughn Plaza shopping center or online from CD Baby.

Downloads are available from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon.com, music.joshcarples.com or many other online retailers.


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