Last night / Tonight

Last night’s show was fun. Bonejackal sounded great and we (Easy Kiddo) had a blast.

After hanging out at the venue for awhile, I ended up at another bar. The bartender came to our show during her break, so I told her I’d stop by after the show for a drink.

I get in there, get a beer (Sierra Nevada pale ale… good stuff), and I hear some commotion coming from the bathroom area. Apparently there were two or three girls getting into it about something. Someone got slapped. The bouncer got in there before anything got beyond that, so no blood or broken furniture or anything.

Yeah. Crazy stuff.

Anyway… Hail the Titans is playing at Bottletree in Birmingham tonight with White Heap, Edward Appleby Band, Branded X, The Cut Throat Conspiracy and Neon Grasshopper. 9 p.m. and it’s FREE.

And here is a photo from last night’s show by Pint Bottle Photography. Click here to see the entire gallery.

Trey really is back there playing drums. Promise.


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