Awesomeness all around

Yesterday, Hail the Titans and some friends went up to Birmingham to play at Bottletree for the 2nd anniversary of Radio Free Birmingham.

On the way, we luckily averted catastrophe as an orange road barrel (whatever those things are called that line the road in work zones) rolled its way into our lane. Not cool. The other lane was free, but that was a bit scary.

So we get to Bottletree and the kitchen is still open. Win. I had some kind of burrito. It was goooood – black beans, rice, salsa, sprinkled with some ‘awesome.’ I think Trey may have gotten the last order of sweet potato fries, though. Good stuff. Oh, and they had some Olde Towne pale ale and hefeweizen, which is a great beer brewed in Huntsville. Yeah, good stuff.

Then the bands started. We met some cool people, heard some good music and got some wonderful compliments on our set. Very flattering stuff. The people there were very kind.

After the show we hit up Al’s for some post-show food. Chili cheese fries are even better at 2 a.m. for some reason. See, in Birmingham, they have more options than  just Waffle House and IHOP.

We then got up this morning for a photo shoot. I’m currently going on three and a half hours of sleep and four cups of coffee.

We got into the Kress building to take some photos with Hillary from Pint Bottle Photography. That building is awesome. The city of Montgomery owns it now. I think we were told it was built in the 1920s, burned, rebuilt in 1929, had part of it collapse, and was finally finished in 1932. It hasn’t been in use for some years. I’m not sure how much lead paint, mold and asbestos we inhaled during the shooting, but we got some cool stuff for band pictures.

In bad news, I think I may have a computer virus. So if I’m not responding to stuff on Facebook, Twitter or email right away, it may be because of that. I’m trying to get rid of it. It’s an executable file that starts with “iDfKm” followed by some numbers. I couldn’t find much info when I searched Google. I think it exploited something Java related, but I’m not sure. It sucks. If you know how to get rid of it, please let me know.


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