Music, updates, etc.

I looked at some video of Hail the Titans from the Bottletree show Saturday. The audio seems pretty clear, so I hope to get that posted later today. My guitar was not loud enough, it seems, but other than that you can hear most everything else.

As far as the video, Wes and Adam are kind of cut out. You can see Trey and some of me, well, until someone stands in front of the camera. Either way, I’ll update once it’s uploaded.

Also, my friend Nate told me about a band called Post Harbor. A Google search later and I find their MySpace page. These guys are good. They are from Seattle, apparently, and their sound reminds me of a little Mogwai mixed with some Sunny Day Real Estate and Mineral.

You know, I think I have heard these guys before. I think another friend, Eric, told me about them months ago. Hmm… Either way, check them out.

I’ve been on a Mogwai kick for weeks now, specifically the “Mr. Beast” album.


2 thoughts on “Music, updates, etc.

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