Is Wayne Brady gon’ have to choke a bitch?

The title of this post has nothing to do with anything else. I just like [and miss] Chappelle’s Show. It was hilarious.

Last night, I tried some Jack Daniel’s Single Barrell for the first time. It was really good, as it should be considering the price. I also had a Rogue Mocha Porter, which I highly recommend.

Also, I visited an art gallery in The Alley in downtown Montgomery. Free wine, cheese, etc. and some great art pieces and live music by The Moonshine Cherries. I’m pretty sure that’s who played. Did I mention the free wine?

There is a guy who calls himself “The Shoe Doctor” who shined my shoes in the alley. He also preaches while he shines shoes. And his preaching style is that preaching-while-kinda-singing style, and when he wanted to accentuate a word or phrase, he would pop the polishing cloth on the shoes. He says “The Good Doctor” is speaking through “The Shoe Doctor.”

While I don’t share the religious beliefs of “The Shoe Doctor,” I will say he does a good job. My shoes are shiny and look brand new again. So stop by and visit if you’re near The Alley.

And speaking of The Alley, Hail the Titans are playing at The Alley Bar next Tuesday (Dec. 21) with our friends Hellakopta of Love. Here is the Facebook event listing. It’s free, and starts relatively early for one of our shows (7 p.m.), so you should come out and hear some music. Get there before 7 for some good drink specials.

[UPDATE] The following is a grammatically valid sentence:

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Check it out here.


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