Please vote in this beard poll

OK. My beard is around three and a half months (maybe a little more) so…

Is it time to shave? Go for the more standard beard? Or keep it going?

Here are examples:

Current beard:

Standard beard:

[almost] clean-shaven:

So what do you think?

A. Keep it current
B. Trim it to “standard”
C. Say “bye bye” to it

Let me know on Facebook (profile | page) or Twitter. (Or leave a comment… whatever you prefer.)

*photo credits:
First photo by Ross Lyerly. Second photo by Pint Bottle Photography. Third photo… um… it was backstage at Bottletree in Birmingham during an Easy Kiddo performance, but I can’t remember who snapped it. (Sorry.)

**[UPDATE]: It was Gloria Aitken who took the Bottletree photo. Thanks to Jeremy Aitken for reminding me.

2 thoughts on “Please vote in this beard poll

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