Weekend recap

This weekend has been pure, absolute fun.

Friday, Hail the Titans drove to Ocean Springs, Miss. and played a venue called The Squeaky Lizard. The people there were very nice to us – they fed us, gave us beer and made sure we got paid. There was a good crowd, and we got to play with a really good band called “The Bind” who is from that area. Be sure to check them out.

A couple of people at the show were nice enough to let us all crash at their place, so we didn’t have to sleep in the van this time.

Saturday, before we left Mississippi, we stopped at this barbecue place called “The Shed.”

Heck yes on Twitpic

How can I describe this barbecue in one word? Epic.

BBQ!!! on Twitpic

I had the pulled pork with beans, slaw and potato salad. They also have a spicy sauce that you can get, and it’s really good as well. The staff was very friendly, too.

After the meal, we headed to Mobile, Ala. and stopped by my Aunt Ethel’s house. She and her husband Randolph are awesome, and they were kind enough to let the whole band (and our friend Amy) stay with them after we played.

During Friday’s show, a fuse in Adam’s amp blew, and a screw came out of my guitar strap (allowing it to fall of my back, onto the stage, in the middle of song “seven.”) So Saturday, we stopped by Guitar Center in Mobile to get everything taken care of before the show.

They have a Vox Berkeley II head and 2×12 cab for sale in there. It’s a solid state Vox made when they were owned by Thomas Organ Co. and made in California. It’s solid state, but probably from the 60s. Thomas Organ owned them when my 4×12 Vox Sovereign cab was made. The amp at Guitar Center also had the metal stand that the amp sits on. Very cool piece, and while I’m a tube amp kind of guy, this solid state amp sounded great.

We got to The Blind Mule early and decided we would walk up Dauphin St. and try to get more people to the show.

The Blind Mule on Twitpic

We walked all the way up to a place called Serda’s Coffee, which is a very cool place. They have all the stuff you would expect from a coffee shop, but they had a food menu (panini’s, quesadillas, wraps, soups, salads) and gelato. The banana pecan praline gelato is great, by the way.

On the way back to the venue, I grabbed a copy of BW magazine. It stands for “Bay Weekly” and is the entertainment magazine published by the Mobile Press-Register. I flipped a few pages in and found this:

We made the news in Mobile! on Twitpic

Yes, we made the  print edition (along with the photo taken by Pint Bottle Photography). So we started handing those out to people and just talking to random people on the street.

The people at The Blind Mule were very kind to us (and I highly recommend their chili cheese fries, too). We had a very fun show, met some very nice people, and we made it back home today.

This Friday, Hail the Titans is opening for Jucifer at The Nick in Birmingham. You should be there.

Preliminary instrument list

So, you may already know that Hail the Titans is currently recording with Headless Dinosaur Recording, and you probably know that we like to experiment with noise.

With that being said, I thought it would be good to begin compiling a list – a preliminary list since we are not finished with the album yet – of instruments we have used so far to make the album.

So here is a preliminary list that will most likely grow as we get closer to completing the album. (Also, while I’m thinking about it, song “seven” made it up to 46 tracks from the previous 45.)

Electric guitars/amps/multiple effects
Extra toms for percussion
Micro Korg
Korg MS2000
Dumbbull (a drum  with a braided string attached)
Chalice/stainless steel spoon
Drumstick on a glass ceiling fan light fixture cover
Birds (yes, live chirping birds)
Metal shopping cart/night stick
Mac computer (synth)

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

We are playing in Ocean Springs, Miss. tonight and Mobile, Ala. tomorrow night. Please spread the word!

The sweater: exhibit A

On Monday, I mentioned the Monopoly sweater that Wes wore at Saturday’s Hail the Titans show that was both awesome and amazing.

Here it is (photo courtesy of Jenna Jinright):

In other news, it appears that song “seven” is finished now. Last night, more noise, tambourine, random percussion and didgeridoo were added. The total track count made it up to 45, so Chris from Headless Dinosaur Recording now has what we could lovingly call a “mixing challenge.”

More recording tonight, and then we hit the Gulf Coast this weekend!

Hmm… let’s see…

I admit it: even though I am somewhat of a political and news junkie, I missed the State of the Union speech last night.

Now, with that confession out of the way, Easy Kiddo practiced last night in preparation for our upcoming Feb. 5 show at Head on the Door.

Um… Hail the Titans will resume recording tonight with Headless Dinosaur Recording, and will be playing a couple of shows this weekend.

And here is a photo from this past Saturday’s show in Auburn as taken by our friend Leigh Lee:

This has been your short-and-sweet update for today. Thanks for reading!

Drum tracks: done.

Last night, Hail the Titans went back in the studio with Headless Dinosaur Recording and finished the rest of the drum tracks to the album. After that, we cleared the drum kit and pedal boards and set up floor toms to add percussion to some tracks.

Here is a photo of the “hippie drum circle” we created:

The extra percussion added at least nine recording tracks to the song, which was song “three” if you’re wondering.

We still have guitars, keyboards, bass, noise, extra percussion, didgeridoo, etc. to add, but we’re getting closer and closer to finishing the album.

Also, AL.com ran a story about the upcoming Gulf Coast shows this weekend. You can read the news article here, and see a photo taken by Pint Bottle Photography.

Again, if you have friends or family along the Gulf Coast area, we will be in Ocean Springs, Miss. on Friday night and Mobile, Ala. on Saturday. Tell them to come hang out with us. We will be nice(ish).

What’s up this week?

Before I tell you about the upcoming awesomeness of this week, I must first tell you about this past Saturday.

Hail the Titans played in Auburn at The Independent with The Bandar-Log and Christian James. John McMeans and Kevin Saucier opened with some stand-up comedy.  It was a glorious time. (Also, The Independent now has some beer by the Magic Hat brewery. [Cue applause.])

We had a great crowd, great response and we very much appreciate it!

Also, our bassist, known to most earthlings as “Wes,” was rocking this awesome and amazing sweater. Yes, a sweater. “What kind of sweater can be both awesome and amazing at the same time?” you ask? A Monopoly sweater. Complete with the Monopoly guy, a diamond ring, Park Place, etc. And we’re not talking about a red sweater with some iron-on patches. Oh no, this is the real deal. It’s stitched in there. With love.

So on to this week…

Hail the Titans will be doing some more recording with Headless Dinosaur Recording. (Be sure to click “Like” on their Facebook page that is linked just before this parenthetical sentence. Yes, I just used “parenthetical.”)

Friday, we will be performing at The Squeaky Lizard in Ocean Springs, Miss. with The Bind and The F’n A-holes. Click here for details.

Saturday, we will be at The Blind Mule in Mobile, Ala. with ManDown. Click here for details.

If you have friends or family near Ocean Springs or Mobile, please tell them to come to the show, hang out with us, and maybe even let us sleep on their floor. Most of the band is house-trained.

More recording updates

Before I talk about recording and stuff, I gotta say, SPAM comments can be entertaining. Look at this one, for example:

“Hello.This article was really fascinating, particularly since I was looking for thoughts on this topic last Friday.”

This was on a post of mine that included a live Hail the Titans video. While I hope some find our music “fascinating,” I would hardly consider a live video in the “article” category.


I mentioned before that I haven’t been feeling well. I’m getting better. My voice is still not back at 100%. Neither is Adam’s as of yesterday. We have been recording all week. The upside is that this project is instrumental so neither of us has to sing. We just had to attempt not to cough during the drum takes on Monday.

We got the drums to four songs done on Monday, and we plan to record two more next week. The past few days, we have been adding bass, guitar, theremin, keys/synth, drum machine bass (like a rap song) and some noise/effects. It’s coming along nicely.

In fact, yesterday, Adam did a few takes on a solo during the ambient part of song #7 (side note: songs will have actual titles before the album comes out). He narrowed it down to two takes that he preferred, and we all liked them both. Which one did we choose? Both. We played them together and they fit very nicely. And once we get the percussion and didgeridoo (yes, didgeridoo), we might just be up to about 40 tracks on that song.

Also, since I know you’ve already clicked the “Like” button on the Hail the Titans Facebook page and all, I recommend you click the “Like” button on the Headless Dinosaur Recording page. This is who is kind enough to allow us to put 40 tracks on one song and not scoff when we ask questions like, “Hey, can we go outside and record this sound that Adam’s truck makes when it cranks?” (Because we did ask that; Chris said yes; and we plan to make it happen and to put that sound somewhere on the album.)

Health and recording…

So all weekend, my voice has been gone. M.I.A. Adam (Hail the Titans) sounds the same. It’s not fun. I’m starting to think that most of the people I know right now are sick.

Last night’s goal in the recording studio: Try not to cough during the take (because the drum mics will pick it up.)

Recording went very well. I hope to post some video clips soon. We were able to finish drums on four songs, so the next time you see Trey, give him a hug or something because he put his all into it. Up next, we’re going to layer some guitars, keys, theremin and noise over the four we recorded. We will record more drums later on.

Working with Chris Lantrip of Headless Dinosaur recordings has been fun. His friend Brandon was a big help to us yesterday in getting everything done, too. Brandon also played a song for us about tacos and burritos. Good times.

If you’re wondering, the drums sound big. BIG. [Imagine an even bigger font size] BIG. It’s coming along nicely. We’re not sure when it will be done or when the album will be released, but we will keep you updated. Easiest way to keep up with what we’re doing, besides stalking us, is through Facebook and Twitter.

“Quick, nobody dress like a baby!”

So it seems I’ve gone five days without updating this thing…

Oh, the title is from a Squidbillies episode. What does that have to do with the rest of this post? Nothing.

Friday, we had a wonderful turnout at Head on the Door for the Rowe/Hail the Titans show. The venue was at capacity and a lot of people put money and items in the donation box for Britt and Jen.

I was able to get out of town for a little while this weekend. I’ve been able to hang out with old friends and meet some new friends.

Also, there is a musician in Dothan named Bobby Lee who is a very talented singer-songwriter. I saw him play Saturday night. You should give him a listen.

Let’s see… Waffle King in Ozark is great. There was a trucker guy in there with a huge travel mug – we’re talking big gulp territory (maybe bigger). It had it’s own chair. The guy was talking to another trucker at the table and somehow managed to work in his talent of making train noises into the conversation followed by a demonstration. I can’t make this stuff up. This is pure entertainment. Here is the proof (as taken by Hillary’s phone):

For the record, the dude had his train impression pretty spot on.

And on today’s agenda… Hail the Titans is beginning the recording process with Chris Lantrip of Headless Dinosaur recordings. Updates… maybe even photos and video… soon.