The under-inflated water balloon in the restaurant

In Montgomery, there is a very nice restaurant with a fantastic beer selection called El Rey Burrito Lounge.

Last night, I’m sitting there, sampling some new beers (Cigar City ‘Jai Alai,’ Terrapin ‘W-n-B,’ Good People ‘coffee oatmeal stout,’ etc… all good, by the way), and talking with some friends.

All of a sudden, in mid conversation, I get hit with something. I look on the ground, and there is an under-inflated water balloon laying on the ground. Of course, my natural response is “What the hell was that?” Here is a photo of said water balloon (and the Cigar City ‘Jai Alai’) as taken by Hillary of Pint Bottle Photography:

So, I look around to find a table with four people sitting there, and in the corner of the booth is an older lady – I would guess at least in her late 50s or early 60s (and if she’s reading this and getting angry because she only looks that old, but really isn’t, well… maybe you shouldn’t be throwing water balloons at strangers in a restaurant).

Anyway, she’s making some motion to me and saying something, but I don’t know what. So I say, “Are you wanting that back?” to which she replies, “No, pass it on! It’s fun!” All I could really say at that moment was “No, lady, I’m not going to ‘pass it on’ by throwing a water balloon at another total stranger in a restaurant.”

So yeah, that was weird and random. And the thing is, I wasn’t angry or anything. Maybe “confused” is a better word. I just wonder what possesses an old lady to say, “Hey, I’m going to throw a balloon at the guy sitting at the bar talking with a group of people.” How strange.

For clarity’s sake, I must say that I have been to El Rey a few times before and not been hit by water balloons, so don’t let this story reflect in any negative way on the restaurant itself. In fact, I recommend you go there and take a look at their beer list.

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