Reason to Rebel & Very Short Shorts; and… @MurderbyDeath

Last night at Head on the Door, Reason to Rebel and Very Short Shorts played. Reason to Rebel, from California, was pretty good. They had good energy, and you could tell they were really into it, and that always makes for a good show.

Very Short Shorts is from France (one of them may be Italian… not sure). Um… incredible. They are an instrumental three-piece that completely rocks out with violin, piano (keyboard) and drums. That’s it – no guitars, no bass – just those three instruments.

Very Short Shorts on Twitpic

I told some friends that the music reminded me a bit of Murder by Death (minus the guitars and vocals). It was a great show.

So speaking of Murder by Death, I am a big fan of theirs, if you didn’t know. I have purchased their albums and even the DVD they put out. I encourage you to do the same as they are a great, great band. I also follow them on Twitter (@murderbydeath).

I get home from the show, log into my Twitter account, look at replies, then look at retweets. I posted a link to earlier in the day, and apparently, according to Twitter, Murder by Death retweeted it. Yes, Murder by Death retweeted a link to my solo albums. You have no idea how awesome that is for me. Seriously. How amazing is that?!


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