More recording updates

Before I talk about recording and stuff, I gotta say, SPAM comments can be entertaining. Look at this one, for example:

“Hello.This article was really fascinating, particularly since I was looking for thoughts on this topic last Friday.”

This was on a post of mine that included a live Hail the Titans video. While I hope some find our music “fascinating,” I would hardly consider a live video in the “article” category.


I mentioned before that I haven’t been feeling well. I’m getting better. My voice is still not back at 100%. Neither is Adam’s as of yesterday. We have been recording all week. The upside is that this project is instrumental so neither of us has to sing. We just had to attempt not to cough during the drum takes on Monday.

We got the drums to four songs done on Monday, and we plan to record two more next week. The past few days, we have been adding bass, guitar, theremin, keys/synth, drum machine bass (like a rap song) and some noise/effects. It’s coming along nicely.

In fact, yesterday, Adam did a few takes on a solo during the ambient part of song #7 (side note: songs will have actual titles before the album comes out). He narrowed it down to two takes that he preferred, and we all liked them both. Which one did we choose? Both. We played them together and they fit very nicely. And once we get the percussion and didgeridoo (yes, didgeridoo), we might just be up to about 40 tracks on that song.

Also, since I know you’ve already clicked the “Like” button on the Hail the Titans Facebook page and all, I recommend you click the “Like” button on the Headless Dinosaur Recording page. This is who is kind enough to allow us to put 40 tracks on one song and not scoff when we ask questions like, “Hey, can we go outside and record this sound that Adam’s truck makes when it cranks?” (Because we did ask that; Chris said yes; and we plan to make it happen and to put that sound somewhere on the album.)

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