What’s up this week?

Before I tell you about the upcoming awesomeness of this week, I must first tell you about this past Saturday.

Hail the Titans played in Auburn at The Independent with The Bandar-Log and Christian James. John McMeans and Kevin Saucier opened with some stand-up comedy.  It was a glorious time. (Also, The Independent now has some beer by the Magic Hat brewery. [Cue applause.])

We had a great crowd, great response and we very much appreciate it!

Also, our bassist, known to most earthlings as “Wes,” was rocking this awesome and amazing sweater. Yes, a sweater. “What kind of sweater can be both awesome and amazing at the same time?” you ask? A Monopoly sweater. Complete with the Monopoly guy, a diamond ring, Park Place, etc. And we’re not talking about a red sweater with some iron-on patches. Oh no, this is the real deal. It’s stitched in there. With love.

So on to this week…

Hail the Titans will be doing some more recording with Headless Dinosaur Recording. (Be sure to click “Like” on their Facebook page that is linked just before this parenthetical sentence. Yes, I just used “parenthetical.”)

Friday, we will be performing at The Squeaky Lizard in Ocean Springs, Miss. with The Bind and The F’n A-holes. Click here for details.

Saturday, we will be at The Blind Mule in Mobile, Ala. with ManDown. Click here for details.

If you have friends or family near Ocean Springs or Mobile, please tell them to come to the show, hang out with us, and maybe even let us sleep on their floor. Most of the band is house-trained.

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