Drum tracks: done.

Last night, Hail the Titans went back in the studio with Headless Dinosaur Recording and finished the rest of the drum tracks to the album. After that, we cleared the drum kit and pedal boards and set up floor toms to add percussion to some tracks.

Here is a photo of the “hippie drum circle” we created:

The extra percussion added at least nine recording tracks to the song, which was song “three” if you’re wondering.

We still have guitars, keyboards, bass, noise, extra percussion, didgeridoo, etc. to add, but we’re getting closer and closer to finishing the album.

Also, AL.com ran a story about the upcoming Gulf Coast shows this weekend. You can read the news article here, and see a photo taken by Pint Bottle Photography.

Again, if you have friends or family along the Gulf Coast area, we will be in Ocean Springs, Miss. on Friday night and Mobile, Ala. on Saturday. Tell them to come hang out with us. We will be nice(ish).

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