Weekend recap

This weekend has been pure, absolute fun.

Friday, Hail the Titans drove to Ocean Springs, Miss. and played a venue called The Squeaky Lizard. The people there were very nice to us – they fed us, gave us beer and made sure we got paid. There was a good crowd, and we got to play with a really good band called “The Bind” who is from that area. Be sure to check them out.

A couple of people at the show were nice enough to let us all crash at their place, so we didn’t have to sleep in the van this time.

Saturday, before we left Mississippi, we stopped at this barbecue place called “The Shed.”

Heck yes on Twitpic

How can I describe this barbecue in one word? Epic.

BBQ!!! on Twitpic

I had the pulled pork with beans, slaw and potato salad. They also have a spicy sauce that you can get, and it’s really good as well. The staff was very friendly, too.

After the meal, we headed to Mobile, Ala. and stopped by my Aunt Ethel’s house. She and her husband Randolph are awesome, and they were kind enough to let the whole band (and our friend Amy) stay with them after we played.

During Friday’s show, a fuse in Adam’s amp blew, and a screw came out of my guitar strap (allowing it to fall of my back, onto the stage, in the middle of song “seven.”) So Saturday, we stopped by Guitar Center in Mobile to get everything taken care of before the show.

They have a Vox Berkeley II head and 2×12 cab for sale in there. It’s a solid state Vox made when they were owned by Thomas Organ Co. and made in California. It’s solid state, but probably from the 60s. Thomas Organ owned them when my 4×12 Vox Sovereign cab was made. The amp at Guitar Center also had the metal stand that the amp sits on. Very cool piece, and while I’m a tube amp kind of guy, this solid state amp sounded great.

We got to The Blind Mule early and decided we would walk up Dauphin St. and try to get more people to the show.

The Blind Mule on Twitpic

We walked all the way up to a place called Serda’s Coffee, which is a very cool place. They have all the stuff you would expect from a coffee shop, but they had a food menu (panini’s, quesadillas, wraps, soups, salads) and gelato. The banana pecan praline gelato is great, by the way.

On the way back to the venue, I grabbed a copy of BW magazine. It stands for “Bay Weekly” and is the entertainment magazine published by the Mobile Press-Register. I flipped a few pages in and found this:

We made the news in Mobile! on Twitpic

Yes, we made the  print edition (along with the photo taken by Pint Bottle Photography). So we started handing those out to people and just talking to random people on the street.

The people at The Blind Mule were very kind to us (and I highly recommend their chili cheese fries, too). We had a very fun show, met some very nice people, and we made it back home today.

This Friday, Hail the Titans is opening for Jucifer at The Nick in Birmingham. You should be there.

2 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. YES!!!! *like* The Shed, for sure! I used to live there (in Ocean Springs, not in a shed…) and that is one of the things I miss dearly. Amazingly delicious pulled pork.

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