What’s a regular sleep schedule?

Friday night, Hail the Titans played at The Nick in Birmingham with Jucifer and The Midnight Ghost Train. The show went great.

I love playing at The Nick. The entire staff is awesome, and the bands always sound great in there. It’s just a great place for a rock show. Also, both Jucifer and The Midnight Ghost train were very good, and very nice as well. The whole night just had a good vibe.

If you haven’t seen Jucifer live (or haven’t been following me on Twitter), here is a photo I took with my phone of their legendary wall of speakers:

Jucifer on Twitpic

And here is a photo once their light show kicked in:

More Jucifer on Twitpic

I’m pretty sure the speaker count topped 70.

Last night, Easy Kiddo played at Head on the Door with Bloodred Babyblue. Another fun show at another great venue.

It almost felt somewhat foreign to sing last night. With Hail the Titans being instrumental, it has been awhile since I sang live.

Also, there was a photographer with the Montgomery Advertiser’s entertainment section taking photos.

Here is Trey and my friend Jessica:

And here is Wes, his purple hair and me:

You can see the whole gallery here.


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