‘Sporadic’ seems fitting

For me, February seems to be a weird month each year, especially the first half of it. I think I’ll use that excuse for why the updates to this blog have been a bit sporadic recently. But here are some random things I feel the need to write about…

If you haven’t heard the song “One-Eighty by Summer” by Taking Back Sunday, it’s a good song, but the acoustic version of it they perform on their “Live from Orensanz” album is, well, I highly recommend listening to it. It seems to have more of an impact lyrically, especially the lines “She says live up to your first impression/Well my best side was your worst invention/Can’t you live without the attention?”

This is their “Live from Orensanz” album cover. There is a special edition available that comes with a DVD of the live performance.

Yesterday was day 12 of the Hail the Titans recording sessions with Headless Dinosaur Recording. I did some guitar tracks for song “five” (which will most likely have an actual title when the album is released.) At first, I wasn’t sure if the stuff I had written would fit well in the song. It always seems to go over well live, but once I heard Adam’s guitar part recorded, I was second-guessing my parts. What Adam wrote is really good. Really good.

The plan was to record my parts, listen to them together with Adam’s, and if they didn’t fit, scrap them. But after layering the parts and playing around with some different guitar tones, the parts seem to go well together. In fact, they seem to work off of each other dynamically – when one part needs to stand out, the other backs it up, and they switch at the right times… if that doesn’t make sense, I hope it will when the album is released.

Oh… and I heard Jimmy Eat World’s “Chase this Light” on CNN’s American Morning today. Nice.

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