Music news on Valentine’s Day

If Valentine’s Day is about love, then today’s news is perfect for me because I love music and the band Radiohead.

Here is the headline from the New York Times: “New Radiohead Album, ‘The King of Limbs,’ Will Hit Web on Saturday.”

Of course, the physical release won’t be out until May, but I was excited to read about a double 10″ vinyl edition. (Yes, I like to hear music on vinyl.)

Here is the album cover:

Also… in the bad news file, it seems that Murder by Death’s tour van broke down (and they are still on tour.) They had to rent a couple of SUVs to keep going while their van is in the shop.

This comes at a time when they just released “Skeletons in the Closet: Rarities, Demos, and Lo-Fi Live.”

You can stream (and purchase) the entire album at their Bandcamp page. I’m listening now, and there is some really good stuff on here. Buying it will also help them continue the tour, get the van fixed, etc. You can read their post about it on their Facebook page.

Here is the cover art for the “Skeletons…” album:


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