Post rock.

A lot of [really good] music these days seems to fall into this “post rock” category. Bands such as Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and Pelican generally would fall into this category, it seems. I assume that means Hail the Titans might be classified here as well.

Deep Elm Records has been known to carry a lot of good stuff over the years, starting out as an emo label (when “emo” meant Sunny Day Real Estate instead of fashion and guys in girl jeans), then they began carrying more indie rock type stuff. But recently, they have been putting out a nice array of the “post rock” category.

In fact, to get a sampling of their post rock roster, they have released a sampler called “Postrockology” for free (and legal) download. It includes songs by Athletics, Moonlit Sailor, Moving Mountains, The Appleseed Cast, Dorena, The Cast Before the Break, Last Lungs, Goonies Never Say Die, I Am Sonic Rain, and Race Car Riot. It’s good stuff, and free, so you should check it out.

Also, speaking of post rock, the band Unwed Sailor is playing in Birmingham, Ala. at Bottletree tonight.

And if you haven’t heard, and you probably have so this will be redundant, Radiohead’s new album, which was set for digital release tomorrow, came out this morning. Check out to get it.


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