Quick randomness

It’s currently Sunday night, just before the President’s Day holiday. Three fourths of Hail the Titans is here for day 13 of recording. Wes could not make it tonight, so we plan on him finishing his parts tomorrow.

Yesterday, we found out that Wes can cook. Yes, it’s true. If you thought Wes was just a really good bassist, you just learned something. He can throw down on a bass and in the kitchen.

If you didn’t know, Rogue Mocha Porter is a good beer. It is.

Also, Miss Pint Bottle Photography almost broke her thumb trying to save the bassist from The Raygun Administration (James, who helped engineer the Marsellus “Our Name in Lights” album… there’s some trivia for you) from stepping on a beer bottle. See, the bottle fell onto the stage as he was backing up, and apparently she tried to move the bottle out of the way. At that point, he unintentionally stepped on her hand (instead of the bottle), and to use her words, what followed was a “face plant.”

I did not witness these events first-hand, but I have seen the blue and purple shading on her thumb.

OK… recording time…


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