…and more noise…

Yesterday was day 14 of the Hail the Titans recording sessions with Headless Dinosaur Recording. In the middle of song “Three,” there is a section of noise, just like live, except we got to mess around with a lot of stuff in the studio.

Adding to the first and second instrument posts, we can now add an alto saxophone and a whamola… or as we like to call it, the “Wes-ola.”

Here is a photo of the Wes-ola:

We ran the Wes-ola through my pedal board and into an Ampeg Jet II 1×12 combo amp. It can make some very cool sounds to say the least.

We began the recording last night with four simultaneous tracks – Adam on the Korg MS2000, Wes on the Ensoniq ESQ1, Trey on the Micro Korg, and I had a light theremin and a flashlight/laser pointer. Then came the Wes-ola, alto sax, and some random percussion. It’s a lot going on, and as of right now, song “three” has tied song “seven” at 46 recorded tracks. So again, Chris has a big mixing job ahead of him.

Coffee time.


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