National Margarita Day…

So yesterday was National Margarita Day apparently, and I had authentic Mexican food and a margarita.

I also think that if you have “National Margarita Day,” then the following day should be a “National Come Into Work Late Day” or something like that. Yes, it’s somewhat of a long name for a half-holiday, but it could still work.

Not that I overdid it last night or anything. No, really, I didn’t. Not even playing. Great… now you don’t believe me even though I’m telling… typing… the truth.

Moving on… the margarita was good. Terrapin’s “Wake and Bake” coffee oatmeal stout and Bar Harbor Cadillac Mountain stout are both good as well.

Ooh, also, I listened to the super-secret-mythological unmixed Hail the Titans album music yesterday to make editing/mixing notes.

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