Overheard tomorrow

Those two words that make up the title of this post don’t really go together, but they relate to two things I was thinking about as I began to type. I guess I’ll start backwards.


Just a reminder that I’m playing the 23rd Annual Truck Raffle that benefits Brantwood Children’s Home in Montgomery. There is a Facebook event with details. Click here. It’s from 5 to 6:30 p.m.


As a musician/songwriter, I don’t think I can accurately put into words the feeling I get when I hear what someone has said, or read what someone has posted, about music in which I am involved – whether it be my solo stuff or full band stuff.

I guess it’s “overheard” in some sense of the word, even when it’s not technically “heard.” “Oversaw” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

It’s like overhearing a conversation (although in a public medium like Facebook) – they are telling their friends about music that inspires them, and it happens to be music I am involved with.

It’s amazing, and I am very thankful for the kind words. It’s a nice way to start the day.

…and today is the day!

I’ve talked about it. You’ve read about it (at least if you’ve read this blog, anyway… here and here.) And today is the day – to pre-order the new EP “Middle States” by The Appleseed Cast.

Check out the info on the Graveface Records site. (Click here.)

If you’re into vinyl, pre-ordering it will get you an immediate download of the mp3’s. I’m listening now, and this EP is great. Seriously. Lots of noise (somewhat reminiscent of “Low Level Owl” actually).

And yesterday, Death Cab for Cutie released their new single from their upcoming “Codes and Keys” album. It’s called “You are a Tourist,” and it is a great song (as you would expect from them.) Check it out here.

Randomness 8.0

I know! Two “randomness” posts back to back (with a non-post weekend sandwiched in between)!

First things first, I’m listening to Maserati‘s “Pyramid of the Sun” album, and if you didn’t know, it’s really good. And also, if you didn’t know, Hail the Titans has the pleasure of opening for them on Thursday, April 7 at Bottletree in Birmingham. The Great American Breakdown, from Birmingham, is also on the bill.

Over the weekend, I made a couple of stops by the Lost Highway Tattoo Festival in Montgomery. I saw a performance by the “Show Devils” featuring The Enigma and Serana Rose. The show included chainsaws, swords, apples, cucumbers, jokes, a neon light, blindfolds, etc.

I also saw someone getting a tattoo of The Joker (the Heath Ledger version) on his forearm. As much as I liked “The Dark Knight,” I mean, it’s a fantastic film, and Heath Ledger did an amazing job in his role as Joker, but I don’t really want his face permanently on my forearm. But that guy did, so more power to him.

Pint Bottle Photography posted some photos from the recent Hail the Titans/Ricer show. Click here for the gallery. Here is a photo featuring those protest signs from the Anti-Hail the Titans Club:

A gallery of the Breaking Aim and The Rhythm/Rowe show has also been posted. Click here for that gallery. These two really grabbed my attention:

Randomness 7.0

It turns out that leaving behind a merch box in Panama City isn’t the worst thing that can happen. You could, oh, I dunno… get in a fight at Burger King that is captured on cell phone video and shown around the country and become known as the “bikini clad Burger King brawler.”

And, you could add to that by being from Montgomery. Ooh, I wonder if Daniel Tosh will give her a web redemption?

I’m pretty sure that’s the same Burger King we got food from the day after the recent show down there.

I am currently listening to Coheed and Cambria’s “Year of the Black Rainbow” album. It’s really good, in case you haven’t heard it.

And here is a cool photo taken by Hil at Pint Bottle Photography at a Hail the Titans show earlier this month:

Oh, and check out the poster for the upcoming Maserati show that Hail the Titans and the Great American Breakdown are opening. It was designed by Chris James:

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Mon the Biffy!

I posted on St. Paddy’s Day about being on a Scottish music kick, and talked about a band I was told about called Biffy Clyro. Well, today, I’m looking on the New Music Tipsheet website to see what new albums are coming out, and what do I behold? A U.S. release of Biffy Clyro’s (2009) album “Only Revolutions.”

Apparently the album is set to release in the states this coming Tuesday, March 29, just a little over a month before they hit the road in support of the Foo Fighters.

This reminds me of last October when Idlewild’s “Post Electric Blues” album finally got released in the U.S. about a year after it was already released in Europe.

Tuesday also marks the date that Graveface Records begins taking pre-orders for the new “Middle States” EP from The Appleseed Cast.

Check out the color vinyl that they posted on Twitter:

Vinyl colors for the new Appleseed Cast EP.  Pre-orders begin... on Twitpic

And… I had some really good tacos al pastor last night at this new Mexican restaurant called La Cornilla.

Upcoming events:

March 31 – I’m playing my acoustic stuff at the 23rd Annual Truck Raffle fundraiser for Brantwood Children’s Home.
April 2 – Hail the Titans is playing the 7th Annual Autism Crawfish Boil fundraiser.
April 7 – Hail the Titans and Birmingham-based The Great American Breakdown are opening for Maserati at Bottletree in Birmingham.
April 8 – Hail the Titans is playing with New Terminus at the Highland Inn Ballroom in Atlanta.

More shows listed on the “Info” section of the Hail the Titans Facebook page.

Present and accounted for

About a week and a half ago, Hail the Titans played at Ms. Newby’s in Panama City Beach, Fla. We had a great time, as I posted about last week.

Well, while we were having fun, we forgot something very important down there: our merch box.

As soon as we got back into town, we called the venue, and it was right where we left it. So a bartender at the venue put it away to keep it safe. The problem was that since Spring Break was going on, it was very busy, the box got shifted around in one of three large storage rooms, and it got hidden by other boxes.

Yesterday, I called the venue, and it was located, so Adam and I got in the car and made a trip to PCB.

We made it just before the Florida state line – to the town of Samson, Ala. – when the flashing lights came on. We got pulled over and questioned about whether we had alcohol, weapons or drugs. After a few minutes on the side of the road, the officers let us go.

So we made it to Ms. Newby’s, and everything was there. Big thanks to the great people there who took care of our stuff and made sure that all of it got returned to us.

We hung out on the beach for a little bit, met some nice people from Arkansas, got some really good pizza from Frankie D’s on Thomas Drive – the Greek thin crust pizza is amazing – then made our way back to Montgomery.

You know, when we played in Panama City, Trey, Wes and the folks who rode with us got pulled over soon after leaving the venue. Apparently, the officers thought there were people being transported in our cargo trailer. Strange. I hope getting pulled over doesn’t become a habit. For PCB, it’s now two for two.

In the news!

Al.com ran a story yesterday about the March 31 Brantwood Children’s Home fundraiser at which I will be performing and the April 7 Maserati show that Hail the Titans is opening.

Click here to read it.

They also used a photo from Pint Bottle Photography for the story, as well as a live Maserati video of them playing at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta.

Also, as of yesterday, a band called The Great American Breakdown has been added to the April 7 show. Click here for the Facebook event listing and please share it with your friends.

Coming up on March 31

On Thursday, March 31, Brantwood Children’s Home in Montgomery is having their 23rd Annual Truck Raffle fundraiser. (Click here for the Facebook event listing.)

My friend Jessie is on committee this year, and she asked me about being the musical entertainment for the event. I gladly accepted and appreciate being asked to be part of an event that helps a great organization.

The event is from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on March 31 at 1309 Upper Wetumpka Road in Montgomery.

To be eligible to win the truck, tickets can be purchased for $100. The ticket also includes two barbecue plates. To purchase tickets, call 334-265-0784 or you can make a donation online via their website.

I have been told the event is open to the public, so if you would like to come hear me play some music, I’m sure they will accept any size donation. It just has to be $100 to be eligible to win the truck.

Brantwood has been helping abused, neglected and at-risk kids since 1917.

Protests, Werther’s Originals, Festivals and Camping

Friday night, the Ricer/Hail the Titans show rocked. It was great to see so many people there, including many who were still recovering from their St. Patrick’s Day partying the night before.

Ricer was great. If you have not heard them, you should check them out. I guess you might classify their sound as “garage rock” type stuff. They had a lot of energy and great songs. Very cool people, too.

The show included some protest signs via the “Anti-Hail the Titans Club” which is on Facebook. Here are some protest signs:

More protesting @hailthetitans on Twitpic

Protesters for @hailthetitans on Twitpic

Also, our friend Zach got to fulfill his dream of throwing out Werther’s Originals during our show. Protest signs, candy, rock and roll. Fun stuff.

Last night, Hail the Titans joined Hellakopta of Love for the 2011 Alabama Mountain Games. Our friends at Organic Hippie had a vendor’s tent set up out there.

First of all, Hellakopta sounded great, as always. I even got to join them for a few songs. And if you’ve never helped carry an organ onto a stage, well, those things are heavy, but they sound so good.

The stage was big. We had a lot of room to move around, so we used it. We were all over the place. However, during the last song, I think I may have overdone it because at one point, I looked over at the micro Korg case, and it had fallen to the floor. Also, I accidentally ran into Wes and stepped on his foot.

Oh, big thanks to Winfred from Hellakopta for joining us for song “three” while Wes played the whamola.

After the show, we stuck around, camped out, hung out by a huge (really huge) bonfire. Thanks to my friend Hillary for letting me borrow a sleeping bag for the trip. I have not been camping in a long time.

Also thanks to Chris and Andie from Headless Dinosaur Recording for riding with us. Chris helped run sound for us at the show.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, mark your calendars for April 7. Hail the Titans has been confirmed to open for Maserati at Bottletree in Birmingham!

That was a bit disturbing

I finally got a chance to watch a movie that some friends let me borrow awhile back, and I must say, it was a bit disturbing. They told me it was, and, well… they were right.

The film is “Audition,” a Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike. (He also directed “Sukiyaki Western Django” that Quentin Tarantino was in.)

The entire movie builds, somewhat slowly, in what seems like basic character development. Then you get to the last 15 or so minutes, and you find out why it’s in the horror category. Here is the Wikipedia page for it, but like just about any movie on Wikipedia, it gives you the entire plot in written form, so if you don’t want spoilers, skip that link.

In other news, be sure to join Hail the Titans and Ricer tonight at Head on the Door in Montgomery. 10 pm. No cover. 21+.