Day 15 recording update

Last night was day 15 of the Hail the Titans recording session with Headless Dinosaur Recording. We are so close to finishing. So close.

Our good friend Jenna brought us some home-cooked food for the home stretch of recording. Thank you, Jenna! Barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and veggies. Very good stuff.

Song “three” had tied song “seven” at 46 tracks, until last night. Now song “three” is at 51 recorded tracks and counting. Adam threw in some extra guitar noise and Trey threw in some hand drums.

We are very excited with how this is turning out. Once we finally finish recording, we’ll start mixing, then get it mastered. We haven’t set a release date yet, but we are looking forward to sharing this project with you all.

That’s all for the recording update, but I’ll leave you with this eloquent quote to ponder:

“As it turns out, casting a huge coke addict in your network sitcom can sometimes backfire.” –Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy.

Apparently, Charlie Sheen is a hell of a drug.


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