Well I had fun

I hope everyone else at last night’s show had as much fun as I did.

Banditos, from Birmingham, Ala., kicked the night off right. Upright bass, banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, tambourine… oh, and a lap steel (a great addition to just about anything). Check these guys (and girl) out. Really good music, and very nice people.

Then we (Hail the Titans) got up there and had a blast. People that spoke with me after the show were very complimentary about our music, and I am very grateful for that. Thank you.

After we played, Hellakopta of Love rounded out the night. If you haven’t seen this band, you’re missing out. Guitar, bass, drums, French horn, saxophone and an organ (not like a keyboard that does organ sounds, but a real organ that takes about four people to get on stage.) Great set by some great people.

Also, Johnny from Hellakopta asked me to join them on stage for a few songs last night. It was a lot of fun. The only improvisational stuff I have ever done previously was for The Boss and The Rabbi shows.

This was the first “Indie in the Alley” show at the Alley Bar in downtown Montgomery, and I have been told that it went well, so hopefully that means the future will have more original music there.

Oh, also, here’s a photo that my friend Meeker took last night during our performance of song “seven.” The blur is a bit freaky. He made a “Jacob’s Ladder” comment about it. (And yes, the glare from my head is because Trey shaved my head yesterday.)


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