Explosions in the Sky just brightened my day

With all the stuff that’s been on my mind in the past day, what better way to brighten today than with news of the new Explosions in the Sky album and a free download of a new song?

I’m listening to the song “Trembling Hands” now and it’s beautiful. You can get from their website, along with for more details and album art, etc. The release date for the U.S. is April 26, and the vinyl packaging looks incredible. The album is called “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care.”

Also, the new Trust Company album came out on iTunes today, so be sure to check that out. It’s called “Dreaming in Black and White.”

And if you haven’t seen or purchased a Hail the Titans t-shirt yet, here is what they look like, as modeled by my friend Tiffany:

I have officially had “Trembling Hands” on repeat play since I began typing this stuff.

Ps – Happy Fat Tuesday.


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