“…from heaven.”

“You guys are not from Alabama. You guys are from heaven.”

That’s a quote from a musician in Panama City who saw Hail the Titans play at Ms. Newby’s yesterday. We seemed to go over well at both shows this weekend. We made some new friends, played with some cool bands and just had a great time.

Saturday, we got down to Mobile in time to visit Serda’s, a very cool coffee shop that is now a “must visit” place anytime we are in town.

Serda's in Mobile on Twitpic

On the window outside, we saw this flier:

"I have now" on Twitpic

If the photo is too small, it says, “Have you seen this cat?” and the tear-away part says “You have now.”

We had a great time playing at The Blind Mule, and I suggest checking out The Port Wine Stain. They do a lot of very cool ambient stuff, and they use a yellow Gameboy as an instrument.

Also, if you didn’t know, the food at The Blind Mule is great, as well as the service.

Sunday, we got to play at Ms. Newby’s in Panama City with Michael Compton, assisted on percussion by a guy named Drake (who is quoted above) and Citizen Icon. Big thanks to our friend Kevin Burnes for booking us. Be sure to check out those bands as well. Good music and good people.

And of course, we visited the beach:

The beach @Hailthetitans on Twitpic

Also, thanks to all the awesome people who hung out with us, bought merch, bought us drinks and gave us a place to sleep. We hope to be back down there soon!

Ps – those photos are from Twitter. Follow me: @joshcarples. And follow @HailtheTitans, too.


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