This makes me happy

This is the “Middle States” tour teaser from The Appleseed Cast. This EP is going to be great! Pre-order from Graveface Records starts March 29. This pleases me.

And here is a photo taken by our friend Sticky who booked us in Panama City this past Sunday:

"@HailtheTitans keyboard player... no shit" (via @S... on Twitpic

That is Adam playing a keyboard part with his foot, which he does regularly during Hail the Titans shows.

And speaking of Hail the Titans, we have two shows coming up with weekend:

On Friday, as mentioned by @GoPlayAlabama on Twitter, we’ll be at Head on the Door in Montgomery with Ricer, from Atlanta. Click here for details.

On Saturday, we’ll be joining our friends Hellakopta of Love at the 2011 Alabama Mountain Games. The location is in Cleveland, Ala. (I didn’t know there was a Cleveland in Alabama until recently either.)

Here are some other happenings going on in Montgomery that are worth checking out:

On Thursday, BPM is playing at Head on the Door for St. Patrick’s Day. Click here for details.

Of course, the Hail the Titans/Ricer show is Friday.

And on Saturday, if you’re not planning on making the drive to Cleveland, Ala., you should make your way to Head on the Door for Breaking Aim and the Rhythm with Rowe.

4 thoughts on “This makes me happy

  1. Josh
    Sorry we missed your show, but thanks again for hanging out with us at Newby’s and for being such a gentleman and loaning me your jacket. Hopefully you will make it to Dallas and Erica and I will come out to see you. We survived the Spring Break craziness!

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