Music of Scotland

Oh, it’s St. Patrick’s Day? Oh, you’re wearing green? Oh, you’re going to get some green beer and shamrock sunglasses and shots of Jameson?


I’m on a Scottish music kick. While it’s close to Ireland, it’s not Irish. Don’t get me wrong, I like Snow Patrol, but on Saturday when Hail the Titans played at The Blind Mule, the bartender, who was Scottish, told me about a band I had never heard of. So, I checked them out, and I’m really digging their music. And then I thought of a couple of other Scottish bands that I like, and now I’m on this kick.

The band the bartender told me about is called Biffy Clyro, and according to a Facebook post yesterday, they are opening for the Foo Fighters on an upcoming U.S. tour in May.

Here is a live performance of Biffy Clyro playing “Mountains”:

And another Scottish band is Mogwai, which, if you have read my blog, you might have figured out that I’m a fan-boy. Here is a video for the song “Travel is Dangerous”:

And here is a band that I’ve been a fan of for years. They are Idlewild. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in 2005 at the High Note in Birmingham, Ala. during their “Warnings/Promises” U.S. tour. They were supposed to play New Orleans that night, but Hurricane Katrina had put that city under water. Nice guys, great band.

Enjoy! And don’t forget about the upcoming shows I posted about yesterday.


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